All our stylists are accomplished artists.

Our stylists come from across the country and are among Denver's best. Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and Wella are some of their training grounds. Denver Fashion Week and 303 Magazine's People's Choice are among their credentials. Education, experience, demand (newness to area) and stylist preference influence their respective pricing.

Winner 303 Magazine's People's Choice Award

Regular participant in Denver Fashion Week.

Liz Burns
lead stylist and creative director

Hello! If you are reading this, it may be one step closer to us meeting. I have been in the industry for some years now, a seasoned stylist, you could say. I have worked in Boulder, Denver and New York. I get inspired in all different forms: from fashion and music, to street culture and nature.

I think of hair a bit like fabric; each fabric is treated differently, giving way to what works and looks best for your hair and lifestyle. I really love a good hair transformation. Modern and effortless will always be my favorite looks. I am an industrious, detail oriented stylist that loves to create , sculpt and paint the ideal custom style for my guests.

Some of my accomplishments are : A nomination for Colorado’s Best Hair Stylist by 303 Magazine, Denver’s People’s Choice Award, and Best Denver Salon. As well as working backstage at New York Fashion Week, and traveling as a national product educator for Modern Organic Products.

Well, now that you have learned some info about where I stand as a hairstylist, we can work together to not only make you look good, but feel just as good too!

Haircut: $115/$75 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $220 Balayage: $240
Sadie Elias
senior stylist

Fashion, art, and continuous change are a few of my favorite things. I found my love for the fashion world at a very young age. Largely influenced by the music scene, I have always been drawn to the creative things in life.

I received my cosmetology education in San Diego at the Paul Mitchell School. While in school I played a major role within the design team, traveling putting on events. Through the years I have stayed current and excited about the industry by attending classes both online and in person, frequenting fashion and hair shows, and following the trends of top stylists.

Haircut: $75/$60 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $180 Balayage: $200
Ashe George
senior stylist

I have been in the industry for almost eight years now and loving it more than ever. I come from the number one salon in my area of Chicago where I was a senior stylist, educator, and a member of the creative team for photoshoots. I’m inspired by streetwear and counterculture. I love simple and messy hair that is still edgy and creative. I think each client is unique and their hair should be too. I love doing balayage, big changes, and beachy textures yet I remain very well rounded as a stylist.

Haircut: $70/$65 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $155 Balayage: $190
Amanda Jensen
Senior Stylist

I have always been intrigued by art ever since I remember, working as a stylist has allowed me to apply my artistic and creative background though the canvas of coloring, cutting and styling hair. I have been in the industry for over a decade and have been able to take extensive training in both French haircutting with the creative director of Frederick Fakkai in New York City and Balayage classes with Nancy Braun and Candy Shaw.

Before starting my life in Colorado I lived in downtown Chicago, while working for one of the top salons I was able to surround myself with some of the most inspiring teachers and hairstylists that educated me on multiple areas of my craft. My career is more a passion for me and there is no better feeling then making my clients feel beautiful while building a relationship based on their hair needs.

Haircut: $80 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $160 Balayage: $210
Ashly O'Neil

Ashly has been passionate about hair for as long as she can remember. In High School she got a Receptionist position at a local salon in Fort Collins, CO (Ashly is a native). She fell so in love with hair styling that she attended school as early as possible. Fast forward to today Ashly has over a decade of experience as a Stylist and truly falls more in love with her career each year.

Ten years into her career Ashly knows that she works in a constantly evolving industry. She is continuously seeking out advanced education both locally and nationally. She has taken several classes at Toni&Guy, including their Modern Classic Cuts and Modern Classic Color Programs. She traveled to Unite Academy for courses in creative and editorial styling. Most recently she accomplished finishing an intensive program at the Wella Studio in Los Angeles where she earned her the title of “Master Color Expert”.

Ashly’s strong background in industry education allows her to truly understand a client’s wants. She is able to transform their words into a unique and tailored style for each individual. She enjoys everything from the most classic styles to creating those that are more cutting edge.

While Ashly’s first passion is her career in hair, she also loves living in her home state of Colorado, where she is able to get outdoors and explore. Recently she purchased a 125-year-old home, her first home in Denver, and is excited about slowly renovating it. Her Boston Terriers Champ and Rosie love it equally as much.

For images of Ashly’s work, you can find her @hairgarbage on Instagram.

Haircut: $70 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $175 Balayage: $225
Becky Borman
senior stylist

Showcasing Natural Inner and Outer Beauty, Embracing Texture, Effortless Looks, Low-Maintenace Long Lasting Styles.

These are a few ways I would describe my approach to Hair Styling and Fashion. While working with clients over the last 17 years, from Boulder to San Francisco, and now in Denver I enjoy helping individuals find their personal style. Using what you are naturally given to create the best version imaginable. My goal is to connect and guide you in embracing your natural texture and celebrate the possibilities of what can be created.

I love creating hair colors that naturally occur from spending time outside. As well as recreating the deep and bright hues you see in nature. A large part of my lifestyle is being active outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, biking and traveling. This is why I embrace my curls and natural texture to keep things simple and represent how I feel- free and easy going.

Keeping things fresh is important to me. I continue to challenge myself by taking advanced education and will challenge you to try new looks. Over the years I have taken classes in New York at Bumble and Bumble, in Los Angeles with Nick Arrojo, as well as ongoing current classes with Pony Studios Education in San Francisco.

In addition to joining this amazing crew of Stylists at Goldie x Bob, I will be continuing to travel to San Francisco to see clients and keep my eyes, and fingers on the pulse of what is happening with hair and fashion trends on my favorite coast!

I look forward to meeting you at Goldie x Bob.

Haircut: $100/$70 Regrowth Color and Haircut: $220 Balayage: $240